Feature Request: Normalize sounds for validation



It’s difficult to validate strings that are of so different volume levels as those are that we’re asked to validate. Sometimes, I can barely hear anything, sometimes, the first syllables hurt, until I can lower the volume.

Could some normalizer be applied to the sounds before you ask people to listen to them? Maybe even in Javascript, so your original data doesn’t need to be changed and the work is done by the client browsers?

I’m not going to continue validating until there is some normalization in place, it’s just very uncomfortable.

(Michael Henretty) #2

Sorry to hear about your discomfort @Moini. For what it’s worth, we have an open bug filed about this:


Thanks for the link, @mhenretty, I’ve upvoted the report.

(David Lee ANDREW) #4

I agree with @Moini & this is still a problem six months later. Volume levels vary from inaudible to shattering. Normalisation must occur anyway before data analysis. It needs to be brought forward prior to validation. It could even be brought all the way forward to the point of recording. Noise cancellation will be an issue, suggesting a floor determined by the silences (at start, end & perhaps between words) with suppression below & compression above.