Feature Request: Open Local Folders in explorer.exe

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Hello everyone,

a few Version ago the ADMX Files for GPO Settings got the user_pref capability.policy.localfilelinks.*

Since that Version we use it in our Intranet for opening Local Files.
Nice Feature. Alle Employees are happy about that Feature.
But now my Manager came to me and said, he wants to open Folders in our Filesystem… The already above said user_pref is behaving a little bit weird as he said…
The Folder ist opening in FF and shows its Content,. Like a FTP Server…

I already found a “About:config” option for opening the Folders in explorer.exe but I can’t distribute it via GPO.

Thats why I would like to drop this Feature Request for Adding the following two Options to GPO:

network.protocol-handler.expose.file = false
network.protocol-handler.external.file = true

I don’t want to go from PC to PC and configure them for using these two Options…

Hi Ben, you might want to open an issue on the Policy Github to make sure it gets their attention:

And until then, you could look at setting those values through Autoconfig files:


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thanks for the Tip with the autoconfig File.
Did not know that. Finally full control in our Company :stuck_out_tongue:
My Boss will like that feature…