Feature request: open new tab _next_ to the current tab

(Alex G) #1

Hi there!

Just upgraded to quantum beta and it looks gorgeous! Kudos for performance and everything else!

1.Open new tabs next to the current tab
2.Option to show tabs as multiple lines instead of 1 scrollable line

Basically everything I changed using addons can now be changed in the options (like one address bar instead of two, number of processes, etc) with one good exception: new tabs are still spawned at the end of the line and not next to the current tab where I’m working. That means that I’d need to scroll the list all the time which isn’t that much productive.

I think this behaviour doesn’t need that much code changes in order to work properly and it brings browser experience to the next level.


(gwarser) #2

You know about extension, right?

(Alex G) #3

As a matter of fact, I didn’t. I used Tab Mix Plus for that and didn’t really check existing compatible with 57 extensions. Thanks for the link!

I believe firefox is trying to get away from situations when you have to install numerous extensions to get it right and I strongly believe this tab opening behaviour should be pretty popular to include it into the main code :slight_smile: