[Feature Request] Password protected containers

I use a share computer in my home where all of the members are browsing same browser. So we are using container for each person. Each person has different containers so that they can browse separately and keep logged in according to their needs.
But the problem is, the container can not be password protected. Therefore anyone can open tab with other person container and can browse their social websites.

It would be awesome if containers can be password protected so that whenever anyone try to open that specific container, they will be asked to enter the password. So that one person can not browse another person container.



How about using profiles instead of containers. Containers are for one person having different “personas” online. So with containers you get the same addons, the same settings and so on but different cookies or local storage. This makes web sites have issues tracking you because they see you as different users.

Open about:profiles and make separate profiles for each person. You can set a master password in about:preferences#security. It will nag you whenever you start it to enter the password. You can use Master Password+ but it will have a small performance penalty.

You can have different profiles for each users with a specific shortcut. You just need to make the desktop shortcut open with this extra parameter -P. For example firefox -P joe and firefox -P jane.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

How about using profiles instead of containers.

Using profile is bit much hassle. Everyone would not like to open a terminal everytime and browse the internet.
Actually, most of the user of a share computer does not need separate add ons or something like that. So I think it will be a good feature that can be implemented.
Many people will use container for this prospective.

They should not open the terminal, just have different desktop icons. Each desktop shortcut should be “Joe’s Firefox”, “Jane’s Firefox” and so on. The shortcut should invoke the specific profile com,and line. What OS are you using?

I thought about this today too, there are some sites that I’d like to have a protected container to access.

The alternative of using a different profile is good, but there’s the hassle of setting addons and settings for the new profile and would lose the interoperability with the main profile.

Weather Containers or Profiles does not really matter to me. I think what would be useful is password protected so user can remain logged into commonly used sites/tools and multiple users can toggle between profiles/containers but cannot switch to a profile/container without providing password. Maybe can log out to a communal or guest account. If Firefox is storing password and browsing history on a shared computer, being able to have some way of toggling between profiles/containers that is password protected would be a great feature.