Feature request: query fullscreen tabs

I don’t know how to best submit feature requests. If this is not the appropriate forum, please redirect me kindly.

I am an add-on developer. I need to know if any tab currently has an element that is full screen. Currently, the only way I can do this with 100% confidence is to inject a content script into every tab and check if document.fullscreenElement is null.

Instead, I would like to be able to query tabs on fullscreen status. I propose adding a fullscreen: true query property to browser.tabs.query.

Thank you for the consideration.

The window object has a property you can check to determine whether the current tab must be in full screen because the window is in full screen, but it doesn’t distinguish between “browser” fullscreen and the full screen API used by page, if that is important.

Indeed, knowing whether the window is full screen versus content being full screen is a vital differentiation for my use case. A window being full screen in macOS is equivalent to being maximized on other OSes and that doesn’t so much matter to me. But I don’t want my add-on to disrupt someone watching a full screen video, for example.

I also don’t know (no one told me yet), but personally I’d recommend/I use Mozilla’s Bugzilla instance. This is where the real issue tracker is, this is just a discussion forum.