Feature suggestion: Change font size

As you can I see on the screenshot I had zoom out for 50% to see the whole text. Other wise it’s clipped. I see quite a lot of such sentences. It would nice to have feature to reduce the default font size, and not have zoom in and out, or scroll to see the text. Brakes the review flow.


Yes, there are some layout problems I recognized while checking it on the devices of our community members.

For this issue, actually, there is plenty of room around the card and it can be resized with the content just with some CSS. Also CSS fluid typology methods can be used automatically to size the text to fit, if the former is not desired (it might seem jumpy).

Another issue I saw is, on notebook displays which are <1080p, the buttons get out of screen, so I had to zoom out for that member as well. Some of our community members are of older age and they are not that tech-savvy; and when zoomed out, text gets small for them to read easily…

There are quite a few layout issues on github, and @robovoice excels in this :slight_smile: Perhaps a round-up on many devices by more knowledgeable people can help to cover most of the cases.

I know, without a separate mobile app/webapp/pwa, trying to solve everything in one code is not an easy endeavor, a change in one CSS line can cripple things on mobile or or in a specific browser version on a specific IOS version for example. There are way too much possible combinations.

I think you should also put this as an issue on github.

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Done https://github.com/common-voice/common-voice/issues/4281

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