Featured Add-ons Until Version 57

(Delicias54) #1

I am being a very old timer user of Firefox and for year collected the Add-ons making my experience great with your browser but since version 57 almost none are working, to give U a example the All-in-one -sidebar, the Image Toolbar and many other.

Could be possible to resume all mine Add-ons

(ErnestJackson) #2

I see this article was posted in Jul 5, there was no year so I am forced to assume that it 2018. I also see that there is no response.
I must digress. I like some of the older add-ons that are not compatible with the newer version of Firefox. So the older versions of firefox remains available for downloading, but the older versions of the add-ons, that use to be available for downloading from your site, are no longer available for downloading from your site. Any suggestions on how we can get these add-ons available? As for which add-on, any one that does not have version 1 available for downloading.

Thank for your expected response