Feedback for MDN web doc revisions

Hey guys, I’m new to doing revisions on the MDN web doc site and I’ve read through the guidelines but I don’t know if this is a valid change:$compare?from=1556396&to=1592775

Here’s are all the changes that I’ve done so far if people want to have a look:

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated

Hi there, I’m also fairly new to MDN but the edits you have made seem to be valid as they correct typos and any other errors that may have occured on the page. Overall, great job!

+1; looks good to me. Thanks for the contributions!

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll continue to do more contributions, since what I am doing is correct.

50ms -> 50 ms: I always write 50ms but NIST agrees with you so you are probably right :slight_smile: .

Since the items are not complete sentences, I would not have added periods after the bullets in . See also this thread. But that’s just my opinion really, and I don’t feel too strongly.

Hey I’m also new to the MDN and have been making similar edits like yourself here are the edits I’ve made so far if anyone wishes to check them out

Yeah I was a bit uncertain on adding periods after bullets but that thread has cleared everything up. In future I won’t add periods after bullets. Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: .