Feedback friom updating theme

Is anyone else getting feedback or reviews that you updated? I am getting a lot of feedback that they don’t like the new look. So I may change a few that I have gotten complaints about. Already did my black because I had some very rude remarks about the change.

I haven’t. Not yet anyway.

Instead I have the same problem as MaDonna!!!

for a couple of days I have been haunted by spam votes made by apparently different authors.
the following screenshot concerns my theme, but it is only an example because this thing happened also for other jobs … I have always signaled, but I don’t see cancellations!

the question is this: how can an author defend himself against someone who decides to demolish his work with such explanations or even without writing anything?
in 48 hours a theme that had 5 stars, gets to have 4 for absurd reasons … and the serious thing is that even if the spam revisions are canceled, the work does not regain the initial score anymore

PS: Why there are profiles always and only characterized by a number and not by a name that would help, if nothing else, to identify them more easily? … this is a mnemonic problem that also concerns speed in revisions…

PS2: another problem: in the page of each theme there is no longer the direct edit as it once was, so to retrieve a theme and update it again, I have to open the pages one by one in "Manage My Submissions ", absolutely in all four categories “Created, Name, Downloads, Rating”…please tell me I’m wrong :roll_eyes:

The maniac of the yellow color strikes again …
still 3 spam reviews sent in one day for the same theme, all from different accounts to pretend his request shared .
He threatens me to continue giving a star until I change the text color

I wonder if it’s so easy to create an account on Firefox, without name, only recognizable by 8 numbers and maybe always using the same IP address :face_with_head_bandage:
Are there controls in this sense? :thinking:

I had someone call me a f*****g moron on my blog for changing one of my themes. It is ridiculous how rude some are. I agree with candelora about the ratings system. I have had lots of 5’s changed to 1 from 5. I don’t think they understand they can go back to the version they liked. Is there someway it could make it so they understand that? The way it is now it tells them to be careful with older versions, so they are afraid to.

Although I haven’t had any of those types of reviews yet, I’m wondering something.

Did you both make major changes to the color of the text on the themes that are getting the bad reviews? I’m assuming based on the print screens candelora posted that she changed some of the text on one from black to yellow.

the point is not how I changed a theme because if I had received a kind suggestion even in private (my email is public) I would certainly have welcomed it: a color test costs nothing, probably the suggestion could be right.
Instead it is absolutely unjustifiable and absurd the blackmail:
if you don’t change the color I demolish the rating of your theme

This is the last review arrived yesterday

the writer is certainly a hater and says “I HATE the yellow.”
So it’s not a problem of real content, the color change is just a pretext to spread hate: it is non-commercial spam!!!
I brought this my theme for example because it was the most targeted, but I have others on the same declassification way for the same pretext of the yellow color, that I have not exposed to not get bored you.

Some I did change text color but very few. The one I have had the most bad reviews on was my black…And all I did was take the shading off and make it all black. Needless to say I went back and tried to put it the way it originally was. It was just plain black with white text.

Thanks candelora and Madonna. I was just curious whether the majority of the complaints stemmed from text color changes or a combination of that and the overlaying color removals.

Thanks to Mozilla for deleting almost all the haters reviews

I hope that this episode was however useful to improve the rating system

Thank you again :pray:

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As this thread has now devolved into personal attacks, I am going to close it.