Feedback on Firefox's UX changes

As far as I can tell, there’s still no setting to suppress the unnecessary “default browser” prompts that were discussed over at (Firefox to regularly nag users to change their default browser).

That aside, after updating to the recent big release, Firefox launched a popup to showcase the recent changes, including an opportunity to change the theme color and (of course) the system’s default browser.
The problem is it cannot be dismissed (no close button or ESC key support) without toggling through all options, which are completely unnecessary as far as the browser’s correct operation is concerned.
Does Firefox break down into pieces when it’s not using someone’s absolutely best and favorite scheme color, or is not the default browser for even one second longer, that it requires to hold users’ attention hostage?

It feels like Firefox development is driven by marketing rather than user experience best practices, and the number of “default browser” users is displayed on a giant screen at your HQ like in “The Social Network” movie.

Whenever Firefox boasts about reducing unwanted notifications on web pages, it feels ironic, given that the browser’s users could use a similar solution to block unwanted notifications from Firefox itself.

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I clicked a button, I think it said Later, and the overlay went away. You’re saying if you do not click that button and instead engage with the options, there’s no other way to cancel out of it?

This line pretty much sums up what’s been happening to the continuous delivery of UI refreshes Mozilla has been putting down on Firefox in the past 2 years or so.

Mozilla appears to be making every effort for Firefox to appear more modern looking by giving it the ol’ MacOS gloss and shine but they aren’t doing that by ethical means.

The keep changing things that shouldn’t be changing and in the process also break things that used to work fine the way they were. I truly don’t understand why they bother anymore.

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“Signed up” just to step in and agree with you. Firefox development/management lately does not give a single damn about what’s left of its userbase. They’ve alienated the majority of users with these idiotic and unnecessary changes that literally nobody asked for. For example, randomly changing “close tabs to the right” to “close to the left” for no reason. And a “megabar” that looked like a tumor impeding on the rest of the toolbar, that somehow preferred a random google search to a local address I typed in minutes ago. And now, we’ve got browser-wide dimming just in case you can’t see a popup, because their users have no intention of multitasking apparently. Also, ridiculous floating tab button things that aren’t attached or, well, finished in my opinion.
I have to say thanks though, the smartest thing Mozilla did was leave their previous version archive accessible so we can still use 73 or an ESR that isn’t hot garbage.
Tell you what, Mozilla. There’s a preferences page for a reason. It doesn’t hurt anybody to let us make our own choices. You wanna destroy the UI? That’s your prerogative, just don’t force it down our throats.

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