[Feedback Required] Community Feedback on Firefox Features

Hi everyone,

We are back collecting feedback for currently existing Firefox features, and expand our list of feature requests for the browser.

We would really appreciate if you could express many of your opinions and ideas through ‘’’[https://forms.gle/ySnHiJPVxy8gL5ZS7 this form]’’’.

After you submit your preferences as hardcore Firefox users, try to set your perspective to what a common user would love to have integrated in Firefox.

We know a lot of you do an amazing ambassador activity on Social Media and Blogs other than contributing, and often know more about what users (and other contributors) want from Firefox.

‘’’[https://forms.gle/ySnHiJPVxy8gL5ZS7 The form]’’’ will be open for two weeks (until the 19th of June), and we hope to collect many answers from you all!

Have a wonderful day!

Giulia, Roland and Kiki