Feedback wanted for Marking up a letter task

The assessment page.
and my code that I want evaluated.

This looks good. I solved a number of things in a different way than you did, so it was interesting to see your solutions. The only things I questioned were:

  1. I feel the salutation might need something around it—not sure. Right now, it says “Dear Eileen,” but should that maybe be enclosed in a <p> tag or a <div> tag? That would also eliminate the need to use the <br /> tag, and you’re already suggesting that “Yours Sincerely” is a paragraph?
  2. It threw me off that you hit return in your html. I don’t think it matters, since it doesn’t change the actual finished layout, but it felt weird to me? Idk, as I’m new to this.

Yeah, you are right. I should have encased “Dear Eileen” in some sort of container, I was mostly looking to replicate the given example so I probably looked at looks more than appropriate usage of tags. However I’m not sure if div is the correct syntax, thought that was more for styling in css.

I’ll be honest, my code didn’t look like this, I used an online html formatter before submitting it to the site. However I still use return a lot, mostly to improve readability.

Also, Thanks for the feedback. It was greatly appreciated.