Fetch polyfill

Reading the Handling common JavaScript problems atricle, I’m trying to load https://mdn.github.io/learning-area/tools-testing/cross-browser-testing/javascript/fetch-polyfill-finished.html in IE 11 but it’s not working.
I’m getting this:

Can someone please look at the code and see what’s wrong and why it’s not working?


Hello @Rafael_Green

i do not have IE11 but could you clear cache and try again and also check in the debugger if it load the fetch.js or not

I tried also using this tool: https://www.browserling.com/internet-explorer-testing
and got the same result

is that from the browerling or your IE
as i do not get any error from browserling despite it did not work as it should be

looks like there bug in the file fetch.js that make IE complain about line 373

i can not get to the author of this file or his/her github

i think to work around that is to search for fetch polyfil other than that one and use it instead

check this one https://polyfill.io/v3/

@Rafael_Green @justsomeone this one is really frustrating. I’m pretty sure that when I first wrote this article, I tested it and it worked in IE11.

The problem was that the ES6-Promises polyfill wasn’t working. To fix it, I changed the <script> elements to instead load it from a CDN, as instructed on the NPM package page — https://www.npmjs.com/package/es6-promise

I’ve also updated the instructions in the article to reflect this change.

thanks @chrisdavidmills and have a nice day