File link for Transfer Now

Can one make a request for one of the Mozilla developers to create a file link attachment add-on in Thunderbird for the Transfer Now file transfer utility? It is the best free file transfer web service that I have found. I’m not sure if this forum is the right place to make requests of this sort. If not, please tell me the right way. Thank you.

I’d not heard of Transfer Now. It is a commercial service with a free price tier:

I would guess that the most likely way a TB filelink addon would get developed is if TransferNow built it themselves. If its protocols are proprietary - I don’t know whether they are - that might be the only way of doing it. So I would approach the company and persuade them it’s in their commercial interests. You might mention the relatively high TB userbase in Europe.

TB itself - i.e, the development team - won’t do it. A developer of an existing filelink addon might: you could contact one of them.

Good luck.