Find API - highlightResults not working in FF71+

I am the developer of HighlightAll extension for Firefox.
In order to highlight text in web pages, I make use of the find API.
After calling find.find() to find occurrences, I then use find.highlightResults() to highlight them. It used to work well. But it seems that since the release of FF71 this function does not work anymore.
An error is thrown: “no search results to highlight”

My code looks like below:

        console.log(results); // does log a valid object with "count" property as expected
        if (results.count > 0) {                
            browser.find.highlightResults(); // throws error

Is it possible that something is broken in the Firefox API ?

I would really appreciate some feedback about this.

I don’t notice any updates here regarding any intentional changes:

This bug related to find in out-of-process iframes modified the extension find code in Firefox 71:

Possibly it has caused a regression?

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Thanks for the information.
I opened bug

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