Finding an address within Mozilla

Trialing a new add on Firefox send me an e-mail:
which has to be reached while I am still signed on, but if I use it as is then I immeadiately go outside of being signed in. Have tried shorter versions of this address. Where should I use the address ?

Would be simpler if it appeared on “Manage my Submissions page” or “my profile page” ? Firefox is marvelous in some ways and contorted in others.

Hi Nick, I just saw your comment on the blog – thanks so much for providing more context. :slight_smile:

Just to make sure I am understanding your concern: when you click on the link from the email, you aren’t able to download the signed .xpi. Is that correct? If you wait a few minutes and then re-try the link, are you able to access the file?

Hi Caitlin

No Page says “NOT Found” on page line and

We’re sorry, but we can’t find what you’re looking for.

on the actual Mozilla page. Keeps doing same thing even after waiting a while and clicking again.

Thanks for being onto it.


Thanks @nickann_carter! And you are logged in to when you click on the link, correct?

Can you DM or email me the actual link you received? That will help us look into what’s going on.

Hi Caitlin

Had another one approved but after six hours have not even recieved an e-mail saying where it might be.