Firefox 79 on android removed all bookmarks and shortcuts

I must say this update totally messed up the browser experience. Not even asking if I wanted to update it, it just updated the tool. Next when I try to undo I realise I can’t, so I am forced to use this crappy version. I also notice that every time I enter address field no shortcuts nor bookmarks are longer there. Totally frustrated when either resetting or removing useful tool/features I expect to be there. Now I have to either enter everything from scratch or click 10 times more on links and stuff to get somewhere.

I’ve been trying to sort it out for a couple of days now and it’s not there any more; The good Firefox feeling.
Alienated and non user friendly.
More clicks and tons of advertising not filtered out.
What the happened???

Well, There are still browsers out there, that still believe in less clicks is nice to destination. Thank you for all time since Netscape/Mozilla back in the 90’s.
Time to find some other browser that works the way I want.