Firefox Accounts final transition

Hi everyone,

In June 2019 we have started the process of introducing Firefox Accounts login to In order to make the transition easier, we allowed users to log in with both Firefox Accounts as well as their SUMO account for the last couple of months. We are now getting closer to finalizing the process and move to Firefox Accounts login only. This will happen on March 16, 2020.

What does this mean? After March 16, logins via your old SUMO account will no longer be possible. Users will only be able to log in via Firefox Accounts. All old SUMO accounts will be decommissioned. Contribution content will be kept but anonymized.

If you haven’t yet transitioned to Firefox Accounts login please do so by March 16, 2020.

IMPORTANT : Please read the FAQ before merging and make sure you know which email address you’re using for both SUMO and FxA. If you use the same email address for both accounts, we will automatically link your Mozilla Support account with your Firefox Account. If you’re using different email addresses you’ll need to first log in to your Mozilla Support account and then follow prompts to verify and link your Firefox Account to your existing Mozilla Support account.

Should you have any questions around the process please check our FAQ or reach out to Kiki, Madalina or myself.

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This was postponed until March 23 according to
…and postponed again until March 30th, per

possible release date is now 13/14 April per

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