Firefox accounts issue with Matrix on mobile

Matrix is awesome! Great choice!
I’m having issues with it :frowning: The configure URL does not work and manual setup leads me here

Is this the best place to ask this sort of questions?

That was an old issue with riot on Android. Make sure you are using the most updated version, and I would recommend to use RiotX instead, it’s their new generation client that will replace the normal one (as we do with Firefox Preview).


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Same issue :frowning:

What’s your RiotX version? That was solved in the last one.

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0.13.0-dev from F-Droid, build from 4 weeks ago

we’re on 0.15 now, iirc - this was fixed in 0.14?


Updated RiotX and it works. F-Droid still has the old version :frowning_face:

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