Firefox addon/extension question

(John Leicht) #1

Hello, thank you in advance for your time. I have 2 questions regarding my one and only addon in Mozilla.

  1. I have, over the last two months, uploaded one app named: “Bookmarks Central 2017” as several new versions and releases. It is now 2018 and I have just uploaded another version to this named app. As expected each upload has superseded the previous version – that is good. However, The name includes the year I first uploaded it. This is detrimental – anyone who reads the name may assume it is vintage and pass over it when, in actuality, it is quite recent. Is it possible to rename this addon from “Bookmarks Central 2017” to just “Bookmarks Central”? (Alternatively, can I upload the addon under the shortened name and still supersede the previous uploads)?

  2. If I “Delete/Disable” the older (superseded) versions what happens to possible current users – do their older versions quit running? Will they still be able to receive updates on demand? What if I supersede the older versions with a newer version that has been given a different name? Can the (newer) different name still be linked to the older name?

Thank you, once again, for your attention and response in this matter.



(Martin Giger) #2

You can change the name without losing the previous versions.

(John Leicht) #3

How? Where? Do I upload it as a new Addon? That might not update older user versions???

(Martin Giger) #4

No, you upload it as update with a different name. Same id, different name.

(John Leicht) #5

THANK YOU, Martin!!

I think I can figure that out now – mentioning update and same id is the key. Trivial!! (I am a newbie.)