Firefox addon to obfuscate clicks on media pages (NY Times, DER SPIEGEL, whatever) ? »fake clicks«

There are many online media pages, like New York Times, the German SPIEGEL, FAZ (german newspaper, whatever), who require that I log in and pay something before I can read their articles.

This is ok. I’m prepared to pay for journalism.

But I’m afraid that all those websites collect every click on their website, build a database on what my interests are and sell the data as a surplus to whoever. They know my name from the payment and so there is not much sense in using a nickname for signing in. I emailed my concerns to one of the website’s editorship and got no answer. So I need to do something.

I don’t want news sites to get a clear picture who I am and what I am reading.

I can’t avoid that they collect data about »me«, but maybe I can render the data useless. I’m looking for a firefox addon, which does this:

1. After I log into a certain page
  1. the addon clicks
  2. in the background
  3. randomly
  4. on all the links on the website,
  5. except for some I specified in advance (e.g. inclucing words like »buy now«).

Instead of special interest the database of the website only gets random data.

Does that exist? Otherwise, to whom should I address my whish?

And YES, I know that the whole internet depends on advertisement, and NO, I don’t have a fb account and no whatsapp.

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