Firefox Addon Update Policy


I have a question about the addons update process when the browser looks for updated extensions.

Let’s say I have an extension named wxCool that is published in addons-mozilla-org for the last year and its current version is 3.0.

For wxCool v3.0, the strict_min_version is set to 90.0.

I now post a new version, v4.0, that its strict_min_version is still 90.0.

After 1 hour I post a newer version, v5.0, that its strict_min_version is now set to 100.0.

After let’s say 2 days, Firefox users with version 100.0 and up that will open their browser will obviously be updated to wxCool v5.0.

But will Firefox users with versions 90.0 to 99.0 will be updated to wxCool v4.0 or not at all?

I tried a very similar use-case some time ago.

I think this answers your question:

Of course it is some time ago, and I cannot guarantee that AMO still works the same way. But probably (?)…


It certainly answers the question.

Thank you.