Firefox and memory

Hi everybody.

I have installed Firefox after months using Brave, a browser based on Chromium. Firefox philosophy is better and I like it. But after doing some tests I see memory consumption in Firefox is higher than Brave. It seems like Brave runs GC when loading new pages and it does more efficiently.

I have tested with many web types: twitter, microsoft teams, newspapers… In all cases Firefox shows a higher amount of memory that increases with user action.

I use Firefox 115.1.0esr in Debian Linux testing.

Is it normal? I have read that Firefox is very efficient in memory use.


Does your system have lots of memory, or is it short on memory?

If your system has lots of free memory there’s no reason to release memory. The saved information might be reused, resulting in better performance.

The real test of memory use is how a browser responds to low memory situations – both in freeing memory, and giving good performance with lower memory. (Unfortunately creating reproducible test systems and test cases for low memory situations is very hard.)

My system has lots of memory, but I don’t see better performance in Firefox, that moves slower in general. Do you think that is should free masive memory in other conditions? I’d like to use with video and sound programs very memory hungry.

There are many compare reviews between browsers that asure a better memory performance of Firefox, but I don’t see it anywhere. Qutebrowser seems to have a great memory performance, for example.

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Debían o es decir devarin un panter en breve o un famoso túnel para llegar a la llave de brave