Firefox Beta - reporting and fixing bugs

(Juraj Masiar) #1


I would like to start a discussion about bugs introduced in new versions of Firefox and how to prevent it.

I think this is the worst category of bugs, because when something works and then it doesn’t work anymore, it just makes you mad.

In the new Firefox Beta 61 I found a bug that is already affecting me several times a day, but there is no activity yet. But even if there was, I have a bad feeling that it’s already too late as bugs in Beta tend to get to the Release because there is no time to fix it and test it. This happened before, for example the missing focus in pop-up that took 4 main versions to fix (which is like 6 months and even with P1 priority).

Maybe it’s my fault and I should be using Nightly… Is Beta meant for serious bugs only?

You see, I’m greatly affected by my previous work in one very agile startup, where we used to fix and release bug-fixes sometimes in the same day and clients were amazed by it (I realize this can work only in startup).

Anyway, is there something I can do make bug-fixing faster?
I really want to make a difference. If can see something bad is coming and it’s still so far away and then it lands and I will be so mad because I saw it coming but I couldn’t prevent it (I hope you see my frustration here).

(Baptiste Thémine) #2

I also faced the same situation few months ago with an issue which affected severly my addon. However, as I discovered it on Firefox Nigthly 61 just after its release, this issue was fixed quickly.
The best thing you can do to prevent such a delay is to test your addon on Nigthly after each major update (Firefox Release Calendar).