Firefox bug: Problem when scroll on popup page of addon

(Thanh Dnh Cs) #1

My addon can work correctly in some previous version (I don’t know exact version). For current version (59), it cannot work correctly. When I scroll down to the bottom of popup page of addon, whole content dissapears. I try write new addon, and I can see that, if we set css attribute position:absolute/fixed, this bug will appear. Addon for test:

(Jorge) #2

I tried the extension you linked to and it worked fine for me. Did you find what the problem was?

(Thanh Dnh Cs) #3

Did you scroll to reach items at bottom? You will get the first screenshot (whole emojis disappear, only black space there). It works fine on Firefox 56, from 57+ that bus fires!

(Jorge) #4

Works fine for me. I tested on Nightly, on Mac OS. It could be different with a different setup.