Firefox building problems

(Filip Rudzinski) #1

Hello :wink:

I’m try to build a Firefox quantum, but after repeating steps from link below, I always producing a “nightly” version of firefox.

I’m googling it for few days without luck. I tried also to download older versions of firefox from Suprising is that, when i download the source, and build I producing “nightly” build, but when I goes to downloads windows in archive, I download ordinary “quantum” firefox. I’m also have trouble how to set 32 or 64 bits version, sometimes its build 32, or sometimes 64. Thanks lot in advance for any tip :wink:

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(developer11) #2

For me this MDN document you’ve linked, doesnt work… it neither builds nightly nor stable.

(Filip Rudzinski) #3

Hello :wink:

What exactly doesn’t work?

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