Firefox corrupts any image i paste in on both Linux and Windows

Hi all,
Since some time i have an issue with Firefox on both Linux and Windows on my machine, for some reason that i cannot figure out it corrupts any photo i paste in or load from disk for upload.

Here is an example of trying to do so with WhatsApp:

I have tried to reset/refresh firefox just start blank however it still did not fix the issue. What is stranger is that i happens on both OSes (I dual boot). The profiles have no link to each other, other than the firefox account. Does anyone know what i might do? Chromium based browsers have no issue.

This is caused by setting privacy.resistFingerprinting to true in about:config. When a site needs to extract an image from a canvas, a permission icon should appear toward the left end of the address bar. You can use that icon to allow a normal extraction instead of a randomized one.

Awesome! Thanks a lot, i thought reseting the Firefox profile would invalidate all custom settings, looks it didn’t…

Well, it does, but if you then connected Firefox to a Firefox Account, perhaps Sync brought some things back?