Firefox creates automatically screen captures?

Hi everone:

Almost every day, while having the Firefox browser opened, in the menu bar of my laptop appears the message “Firefox is creating a recording of your screen” (“Firefox erstellt eine Aufnahme deines Bildschirms” in German) with a small purple logo of a screen, without me having activated the screenshot function. After some moments, the purple logo disappears and then the logo of a microphone appears on an orange background, before the second logo also appears.

Does anybody know why this notice appears and does this mean that Firefox creates screenshots without my knowledge or activation?
I can’t find any pictures or recordings in the Firefox archives on my laptop, anyway I’m very concerned about this message.

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Screenshot_Camp_Firefox.cleaned|596x276 !

Hm, that’s quite odd. One of the most common reasons for weird browser behavior is extensions. If you haven’t already, try navigating to about:addons in Firefox and disabling all of your extensions, then quit Firefox and re-launch it. If an extension was responsible for this behavior, you shouldn’t see the recording notification in the menu bar.

same here using Firefox Developer Edition 120.0b9

I just had it for the first time (that I know of) I have nothing really strange in my addons, most I’ve been using for years such as Tabliss, Ghostery, Facebook Container…

I should not have the issue anymore as I revoked the authorization for screen recording for Firefox in my mac settings.

Still, that does not sound really good.