Firefox exceptionally slow compared with Chrome

Recently I have experienced extremely slow loading times for some web pages in Firefox, e.g. on Flickr. In some cases they fail to load even after a very long time. Whenever this occurs, I paste the same URL into Chrome and that browser loads the page instantaneously.

Both browsers are running uBlock Origin and Malwarebytes Browser Guard. I’m also using Dark Reader on Firefox, but turning that off doesn’t improve loading times. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Hey Ralf, I also encountered the same issue (very slow loading times and the whole browser began hogging RAM and ran extremely slow) about a week ago and could not figure it out until I found your post.
There is one thing we have in common and thats the browser extension from Malwarebytes. I disabled it and it has fixed all my loading issues I had. Maybe try to disable it and check if this also fixes your loading issues.

That’s interesting, except that Chrome is running exactly the same Malwarebytews addon but loads any given page far, far faster. I’m reluctant to disable a protective addon of this kind in any case.

The extreme slowness persists. Any chance of some “official” action by Mozilla on this?

its happen to me firefox keep slowing down when open new web about 2-5 second than chrome
firefox : 115.7.0esr (64-bit)
chrome : Version 121.0.6167.160 (Official Build) (64-bit)

OS almalinux 9.3,

Performance on FIrefox is still diabolical… the latest shortcoming is that Instagram feeds stop loading after about 6 pictures or so, whilst Chrome under the same conditions loads everything almost instantaneously.

Will anything be done about this?

Interesting. Without any addons, I found Firefox faster than Chrome in general. Perhaps the addons you installed are slower in Firefox?