Firefox Fights for you -submissions


(Konstantina Papadea) #1

This post is dedicated for posting submission for the Firefox Fights for you Campaign. By posting your video here you’re automatically taking part to the Firefox Fights for you Campaign.

Please post based on the following template:

  • Team name:
  • Team members:
  • Team’s contact person:
  • Team’s contact person mozillian account:
  • Youtube link:
  • Hashtag you used for promotion on social media:

Instructions in Spanish:

Este tema está creado para publicar tus envíos de la campaña Firefox lucha por ti. Al publicar tu vídeo aquí, estarás automáticamente participando en la campaña Firefox lucha por ti.

Por favor, publica siguiendo la siguiente plantilla:

  • Nombre del equipo:
  • Miembros del equipo:
  • Persona de contacto:
  • Cuenta en mozillians de la persona de contacto:
  • Enlace a Youtube:
  • Hashtag que has usado para la promoción en redes sociales:

(Bhuvanameenakshi) #2

Feb 2 is the deadline for submission of videos so is it during the same time the YouTube views will be assessed or that we can start pitching the videos after 2nd of Feb??

(Konstantina Papadea) #3

So, the decision will happen the week of the 4 so you can still pitch your video at that time however I would suggest to start doing so before so already have views.

(Yamama Shakaa) #4

Hello ,
I want to ask if it is a preferable to use the same original video music and background or it is up to us what to use ?