Firefox for Android Add-ons Development Webinar

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let you know about an upcoming technical webinar we’ll be hosting – details below!

Thank you.
Ed Sullivan

Setup, Test, Debug…Oh My | Firefox Android Extension Development Overview

You’re invited! Join Mozilla’s Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Simeon Vincent, as he explores Firefox Android extension development topics from initial setup through debugging. Simeon will highlight some of his preferred development tools and address common pitfalls developers encounter when building Firefox Android extensions.

Whether you’re a seasoned extension developer or a developer looking to build their first extension, there will be something for everyone in this presentation.

Join us for our live stream on Wednesday, November 15 at 11 am EST at the link below.

LinkedIn live stream

Presentation (45 mins)

  • Initial Setup
  • Testing
  • Debugging

Open Q&A (15 mins)

Simeon Vincent, Senior Developer Relations Engineer


This looks really interesting and useful - thank you for sharing.

For those who cannot make it live, will it be recorded and made available afterward (where)?

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Hey Paul - the live stream URL is the same link the on-demand recording will be available at post-event…easy peasy!

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Hello Edward!

Let me just give you a quick feedback while I remember it for the LinkedIn streaming I’ve just watched.

  1. right before start, someone in the comment posted a phishing link to “watch the stream” :smiley:.
    Pretty solid social engineering I have to say, considering I’ve clicked it!
    But I’m not sure this could have been avoided without a full comment moderation…

  2. comments were appearing in a “random” order? After reloading page, they got shuffled and some were missing and some new appeared… so, pretty buggy chat.

  3. I’ve posted a question few minutes before the end and the question appeared there at the very end like 10 seconds before the stream froze

  4. the stream froze few seconds before the actual end :smiley:

If I could rate LinkedIn streaming + chat UX, I would rate 3 out of 10 :smiley:.

Other than that it was cool! Thanks :slight_smile:.

Hey there @juraj.masiar thank you for attending and for your feedback.

I reported that comment as spam right after it was posted but that only made it disappear on my screen apparently :frowning:

Agreed on the LinkedIn chat being a bit buggy - will see if we can troubleshoot that for next time.

Thanks again!

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