Firefox for Android Beta support?

(Guillaume Lakano) #1

I just would like to known if Containers could be installed soon on the Android version of Firefox Beta please ?
Because it’s great to have Containers on my desktop browser, but when I use my mobile to browse on internet, this break the privacy permit by Containers on my desktop.
Best Regards,

(Jkingston) #2

We currently don’t support Android at the moment, some of the APIs may work however they are largely untested at this moment in time.

(Guillaume Lakano) #3

Thanks for the quick answer!

For information, I’ve tried to install the .xpi directly from the latest Github, FF Android ask me confirmation to install, this download the module, and that’s all, the module isn’t listed in modules installed.

This could be really useful to support Android. For now, I use a private tab for each website, but it’s not very easy to use.


(Jkingston) #4

We have a reported issue with Android on tab creation certainly.

Given that I don’t think we have tests for the Firefox parts for Android and we also don’t have indicators for the containers in Android Firefox too I wouldn’t for the short term at least expect it to work.

It’s on my backlog to work through where we are with this support at some point however we don’t have a UI idea for how containers would work on mobile yet either. (we have had discussion about it however nothing more than that)

Given all of this, I might actually suggest that we prevent Android installs of anything with “contextualIdentities” until we have a bigger picture.

We certainly want this to work however given users broken experiences on an already complex concept isn’t a great idea.


More than a year has gone. Can we use containers in Android by now already?