Firefox Freezing

Why does Firefox freeze / lock up when an intermittent network drop occurs? It never recovers and must be killed by Windows task manager. Newer versions have not helped. I have this issue on numerous different installs of Windows 10 and 11 computers (work and home), and can reproduce it easily. Antivirus is not an issue either since some of the computers have none on them. About 1 out of 10 times it will recover, but rarely. The computers on wireless networks are very susceptible to this. It is my favorite browser, but this is getting to the point of not using it anymore, especially if I have important tabs open and it does this. Changing hardware acceleration and the normal recommended troubleshooting steps do nothing as well. I have tried other browsers and they may hiccup with a page not found but don’t freeze up like Firefox does… Thanks for your time…

This forum isn’t very active. You will probably get a better response on the Matrix.

In particular, the Firefox Desktop room, .

Mention which troubleshooting steps you have tried. In particular, have you tried Troubleshooting Mode or a new profile? (Don’t remove the old profile, just use a new profile for temporary testing.)