Firefox HTML5 not working like Adobe Flash Player

I am confused.

According to your website;

HTML5 audio and video are “built-in.

Maybe I have been miss informed. My understanding is that HTML5 can replace Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately, HTML5 will not open the anime for this website:

In the left column, under REFLECTIVITY are LOOP selections. Click on any of the loops and the large white are should fill with an anime map. (It always worked using Adobe Flash Player.)

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help.

First off, this is not a forum for general Firefox support, that’s what is intended for.

Since you’re already here, the short version is, that while HTML5 “replaces” flash for developers, developers still have to actually use HTML5 instead of flash, which may not be the case for this site.

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…or to say in in another way. HTML5 can do much of the same that Flash can/could.
But HTML5 is NOT Flash-compatible. Flash-applications cannot run without Flash-support. Developers have to migrate their “applications” from Flash to HTML5.

Having said that, I checked your link, and I see animated weather simulations (without having Flash). But I don’t know if there’s some special functionality somewhere requiring Flash. I don’t know the site.

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