Firefox just screwed me over

I just upgraded Firefox to the latest version and was instructed to create a new profile. After doing so, I noticed that all my bookmarks (for years) were wiped out. Impossible to get them all back.

One might say, “What about a backup?” Almost a fair question, but based on customary practice (compliments of Mozilla), I didn’t anticipate the need since I never had to in the past. Would there have been at least a simple notice to that effect, I would have.

Now, Edge is looking awfully good…


This forum is not the right place to ask troubleshooting questions. If you have a problem with Firefox that you need help with, please ask your question on the Firefox support forum .

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Well, at least you know about it. I’m sure you will be hearing from more folks. FYI, last I knew, Mozilla = Firefox regardless of the spin…