Firefox localstorage change?

Has Firefox local storage changed?
I have several off line apps running in firefox that rely on local storage.

These apps are all running from the file system (no server) and used to have their own localstorage per page. Now with the latest update they are sharing local storage.

If I save something to local storage it adds it to every app whether it is open or not.

Is there anyway around this. It has seriously messed up my apps.

Thank you

I don’t have an answer to your primary question about whether there has been a change. But you can’t depend on the behavior for localStorage with file URLs. See the description on MDN:

For documents loaded from file: URLs the requirements for localStorage behavior are undefined and may vary among different browsers.
… So it’s possible that browsers may change their file: URL handling for localStorage at any time. In fact some browsers have changed their handling for it over time.

For a work-around, use distinct keyName values for each app. For example “app1_name”, “app2_name”, … instead of just “name”.

Thank you for your response B.J… Your suggestion look like the only viable way around it.

I wonder why it was never standardized and why it was changed with this latest update. I’ve been using it in this way for years. I’m sure there are plenty of others that have found themselves in the same position as I find myself in.