Firefox Lockbox (Beta)

Hello Test Pilots!

I hope you are all okay and looking forward to testing some new pre-Release software from Mozilla.

Notice how Mozilla does not just build web browsers, and how there are apps such as ScreenshotGo and Firefox Send that make online life easier, more fun and more secure? Increasingly we are using the open web wherever we are, on the train, at home, anywhere, and we expect to be able to have the full web browsing experience. But in the past, that would mean that you would struggle with some tasks as the mobile device did not have the tools or the information you need to access a site you use.

Firefox Lockbox helps solve that problem. It syncs with your Firefox Account to give you access to your passwords on your mobile device, to help you take your passwords everywhere. It does this using secure encryption and gives you seamless access to your passwords and login details using your Firefox Account.

If you wish to sign up to the Beta version, you will need to register and get the link to download the app at:

As always, bug hunting helps Mozilla make cool things even more awesome, so if you see any issues, please file them at:

I hope you enjoy getting an early look at new features in Lockbox and the opportunity to contribute to this exciting new Mozilla product.


Regretfully it’s not supported in my phone, maybe due to the old Android version (6.0.1). I’ll install it in my tablet though and test it there!


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It doesn’t seem to work with apps. have Gmail, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook in my tablet. However, Lockbox doesn’t recognize my logins. Not even after syncing. The info online says it does work with apps, am I right?

I would greatly appreciate some help!

Hi @gaby2300

Yes, Firefox Lockbox (Beta) will work with other apps.

In the Android Settings app (typically a cogwheel icon), find the Language settings. Then look for the Auto-fill settings. You should then be able to select Lockbox from the list on the screen.

If this is still not working for you, please can you let me know what version of Android you are using and I will write a better walkthrough.

Hi @seburo,

Thanks for your answer! I cannot find the Auto-fill settings in the Language settings though.

My Android version is 7.1.2. I’ll be looking forward to your walkthrough!


The autofill functionality was introduced with Android 8 and is not in Android 7. However Firefox Lockbox (Beta) still allows you to copy and paste user credentials as required.

I hope this helps.

However Firefox Lockbox (Beta) still allows you to copy and paste user credentials as required.

Could you please tell me how can I do this? I tried several ways but failed…

You can click on the entry you need in Lockbox, then next to the password field there are two icons: the eye which will show the password, and the copy icon to copy it to your clipboard. Once copied, you can go back to the other application and paste it into the password input field.

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