FIrefox Mobile disable Highlights

On the new Firefox Quantum mobile (I personally hate the new FF with a vengeance quite frankly, and seems our users feel the same as all our desktops are being reverted to ESR for the time being) I have been trying to work out how to disable all the junk and ‘great ideas’. Pocket is in the bin where it rightly belongs. I’m sorry if that offends, but just as the devs are entitled to say what they think is best, so am I.
One thing I cannot see how to disable is Highlights. This is intensely annoying - I have ‘History’ if I need it. I need Highlights like a hole in the head but cannot see a way to disable it.
Any suggestions?

I also looked to resolve this problem, finally and unfortunately I uninstalled firefox, will install it again as soon as the will and that functionality,