Firefox Mobilizers Facebook groups



We have a lot (like a lot) of Facebook groups from the Firefox OS era that we are not properly maintaining or providing guidance (and this has been the case for more than a year now). We currently don’t have anyone on the staff side to devote to this.

I open this topic to understand:

  • Is your community still using them?
  • What’s their main purpose?
  • What should we do with them?


Everyone administrating or participation in these groups will be affected by the decision.


The discussion will take place here until February 13th. After this date the Community Development team will take a decision based on all the conversations here.


Do we have lists of those group?

I remember there was some Firefox OS mobilizer group for Czech Republic, but we have actually never used it and thus does not make sense to keep it, if it still exists.

Not really, I can just dig the ones I’ve been added as admin, but I assume there are a lot more managed by community members.

You mention “Firefox” in the title, but “Firefox OS” in the body content. This is Firefox OS right?

Yes, but some of them were named “Firefox mobilizers” others “Firefox OS mobilizers”

I remember there was one for Italian, never used but I removed myself from that one.
I think that they can be closed because the purpose was the communication between mobilizers and mozilla employee of the marketing team for Firefox OS.

Here’s a good start: but that definitely doesn’t capture all of them since for example the German one does not fit that search criteria.

We can definitely kill, we are not using that anymore.

I remember that group for mobilizer was secret so you cannot find them publicily

The other open questions is: Can re-purpose these groups? How? Who will be in charge of them?

Members: 1800+

  1. Nope, we thought on keeping those groups to be used for community driven support, but in fact they are just dead.
  2. Nothing so far, we keep it clean of spam as an archive of FxOS topics.
  3. There was some serious backlash on the group when FxOS was discontinued, but we kept the group hoping that we could convert those people into a new group of similar interest, on what should we do with them, I think that we should close them, there is no point on having such a heavily distributed and hard to manage userbase, we could post in each group redirecting the remaining users to some other place with a message that the group will be removed in X days after Y date.

The Mozilla French-speaking community had a Facebook account for Firefox OS in French ( We closed it.

We had a blog ( with 230 articles. It’s read-only. We changed is name fot FxOS.

We also had a Twitter account renamed to FxOSfr (, and inactive since October 4, 2016.

All Firefox OS communication channels have been rendered dormant on October 4, 2016.

We had a account (589 members). We had extended it to the full Mozilla French-speaking community.


After hearing all comments it’s clear we need to close these groups. I’m going to proceed with the ones I have admin access, please do the same with the ones you own.

Before closing them I’m going to send a message 24h before:

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your support during the Firefox OS era. In 24h we are going to proceed to close this group, if you want to still be engaged with Mozilla I suggest to follow us here:


Feel free to use/adapt this one.


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Is ‘Mozilla Participation Team on twitter’ still going to be used moving forward, given the new team(s) names?

For now it’s the only thing we have.

I’ve proceeded “archiving” all the groups I had admin on (around 10 or so), apparently FB doesn’t have a delete function for groups (WTF).

In any case, if you happen to admin a Firefox OS Mobilizer group that hasn’t been archived, please proceed.


Here is the group have found for Czech. The list of admins includes @pcvrcek , @stransky and Mary Colvig.

Thanks for creating such group… it is very usefull