Firefox Needs Better Memory Logging/Management Options

Problem: If I leave certain tabs open (for over 8 hours), the memory usage can grow from less than .5 gigs, to over 7 gigs.

Before I continue, I know there is an addin (auto tab discard) that works really well.

But I think there needs to be a way to allow certain sites the ability to stay open as long as their memory usage doesn’t reach a certain limit.

And it would be nice to be able to set a limit across all other tabs, as a session-point-in-time limit.

That aside, I would like to be able to monitor (log) certain sites that I know will expand to 7gig+ to find out why they are using that much memory.

I’m a dev, but not a web dev, and I have looked at the measure and save memory reports, but I need something that is specific to a single site and easier (for me) to understand.