Firefox nightly identity.sync.tokenserver.uri

Hello! I have been using firefox for android for a while, and I was hoping that they would add about:config back. Since I am assuming mozilla is not going to allow it anymore, I just want to know if we will ever get the ability to sync data to a custom sync server. I have the nightly version of firefox but for some reason they removed identity.sync.tokenserver.uri even though they still allow syncing.

It’s nice to have the ability to sync data between desktop and laptop but I really needed it to sync my bookmarks to my phone for when I am out of the office, it’s really the only feature keeping me on firefox still, and it would be nice to have it.

Additionally, is there any config file I can edit on android to change the sync server?

Well I seemed to answer my own question.

I am going to make a pull request to include this information on the Git page.