Firefox on Android doesn't plug in my login info (username/email address + password) into the blanks for some websites

Firefox Android does not enter my login credentials into the blanks for some websites. The sites I’m having problems with are linuxmint forums ( and reddit and google.

I do not have this problem on Firefox for Linux.
I do not have this problem on other websites with saved passwords on Firefox for Android.

What do these problem sites have in common, and what distinguishes them from the problem-free sites? The only thing I can think of is that for LinuxMint Forums, reddit, and Google, I have many saved passwords/credentials. I have 36 sets of credentials for reddit and 18 for Linux Mint forums and about 60 for Google.

Can someone please help me?


This is something that our developers are aware of and are looking into. You can follow progress on this and add comments at:

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Okay, Nice to see your message. have a good future.

Hmm. I am successful in my past issues. APK Thrills