Firefox Quantum Sprint is here!


As you know the Firefox 57 release is around the corner and it’s our time to show-up and ensure the success of the new Firefox.
For that reason we are introducing the Firefox Quantum Campaign. During this campaign we ask our local communities to gather together and ensure that Firefox will run seamlessly in their regions.

Why is this important?
As you know with Firefox Quantum we are going to introduce to the world a product faster and more reliable than ever. Mozilla’s employees and contributors have put thousands of hours of work to ensure that this is going to be successful. And for that we need your help.

Why this is a great time to show up?
We are expecting that some websites will probably break on new Firefox. And that’s because there will be changes to the rendering engine resulting to websites to break. But Mozilla employees are not able to test all the websites around the globe so we need the power of the community. In order to ensure that Firefox runs smoothly on every part of the globe and regain its momentum, we ask for the help of our volunteers to ensure that Firefox Quantum will launch successfully in their region.

How can I help?
You can participate in this campaign, by running an event in your local or participating on events already organized in your region. You can also spread the world for the campaign by tweeting #57campaign

Have any questions? Let us know on comments :slight_smile:


I was thinking about creating a docker image with Jekyll, Ruby and Bundler with port 4000 and a local bind to a git directory containing the code, this way it will be easier to run this project and set it up with a single dependency (docker).

Kind regards,

Always happy to receive a Pull Request over at our repository: :slight_smile:

Good idea!

I would publish my evens in “Events” on, how? And change some the link to event information in my request.

" Quantum Campaign" best name… ever.

Hey Paul,
you don’t need to publish your event on reps, this is a campaign for all Mozillians, not only excluded to Reps.

This is my first time I host an event. I have some question of the workflow

  • “Once you have finished testing a website go and report it on the report form, …”

Where can I send the form. In the html code I can’t see the action of the element.

  • “At the end of the event, the nickname with the most tested sites will get a t-shirt”

The end of the event is the end of the sprint (8/10) or the end of the event that I host. And we have a t-shirt for all events of all countries or each event.

The form on has a submit button. The action gets added dynamically.

End of the sprint, yes. It is for all events.

Does that mean that I will add the link (Google Sheet) when I host an event? Where do I sent the Google Sheet (final report) of our event on Oct 8?

No, you point attendees to the following form and let them fill it out. We have everything with the same form so we have a global view. So there are no reporting forms per event. This also allows us to measure success and metrics.

thank you, I understand

I have a question.

We have registerd a host in my country. The event will take place in Oct 2 [1]. Tomorrow we intend to place advertisements.

We have also submitted a request swag [2]. What is the condition for you to accept our request.


the requests are auto accepted, no need to worry there. The swag shipment will start this week so you will soon receive an email about it.

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Here are some best practices about conducting the event. Thanks @irvin and @faisalaziz for the useful tips.


  1. Ask your attendees to bring their favorite websites in the event. As indicated in the website you can find the most used websites in Alexa. However, a good engagement move is to ask your attendees to have a list with them of their favorite websites. That way we are ensuring that they are testing things they are familiar with and love.
  2. Create a spreadsheet with popular websites. Some hosts reported that working all together in a pre populated spreadsheet with websites is easier for people to test.

During the event

  1. Explain to people why this is important. Talk a little bit about how the new Firefox has improved and the significance of the work attendees are gonna do during your event. Knowing why people are testing websites makes the activity more interesting. One example could be that somebody finds a crucial bug on a local website, but this affects other websites as well, and the Firefox team can fix it in Beta before we release it to millions of users.
  2. Show this interesting video on how to report
  3. Check your issue in another browser. Ask the attendees to check the website in another browser as well before they file an issue. If the website shows the same problem in another browser (Chrome is suggested as we compare against it) then it’s not a web-compatibility issue (basically our engineers can not fix it).
  4. Remind them to report so they can appear on the leaderboard. Reporting can be time consuming however is important in order to know how many websites we’ve tested. Plus, attendees have the chance to be in the leaderboard. Some hosts prefer to gather the websites tested and issues reported in a spreadsheet (see above). If you prefer to do that, don’t forget to send us the spreadsheet so we know about your work.

Is there a way to put the “Reload” button inside the address bar like the old one? or make it optional?

Could I request a funds for gifts for participants?

What about shipment of swag to Russia? Is it possible? Unfortunately, time to start wasn’t enough by my experience of shipment from China - 14 work days minimum. Could I request a swag and present this after event (I have a possibility)?

How to change an information about event? For example, to publish a exact link.

Hey Paul,
please find the link for swag requesting here. I don’t know exactly when your event is so please provide that info so we can let you know when it will make it.

As for changing information, please send them by e-mail to me and I will do the necessary changes.