Firefox Quantum Testing Sprint - 7th & 8th October, 2017 - NOW ACTIVE attend online

Planning to hold this in a Central London cafe somewhere. Any suggestions? Come help out if you’re about. I have stickers and will buy you a cuppa!

EDIT: Event now virtual. Further details below.


I think that this is a great idea, but I will not be able to make it to London for it. Can we hold the event virtually?

I missed a ping on this, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Need to check my settings!


Will now provide some more details…

Thanks for considering beta testing Firefox Quantum!

The ultimate goal here is for us to test compatibility of our favourite UK websites. With so many changes embedded in this exciting new release from Mozilla, it’s possible things might not work as they ought to.

By implementing the groundbreaking Rust code, from Mozilla’s R&D division, into Firefox’s ‘Quantum CSS’ (aka - Stylo) some websites - or Firefox itself perhaps - might need a few tweaks to get fully compatible.

WebCompat and you, our incredible Moziliian community, to the rescue!!

Step 1. Sign Up
I’ve got :boom::fireworks: new design Firefox stickers :fireworks::boom: and one of you will WIN the 30cm x 42cm ‘The Splendid Firefox: Mark LVII’ poster! :tada:

Step 2. Download Firefox Beta

Step 3. Create a fresh profile for Firefox
There are some reported profile compatibility issues if you switch between earlier versions and the new Firefox Quantum 57. Creating a fresh profile will keep things isolated from your everyday use. This step will also help you ensure no extensions are the source to your testing problems. Win/Win.

Step 4. Watch the WebCompat intro video
We don’t want to make the WebCompat team’s job harder. Pay attention!

Step 5. Read the WebCompat team guide
We want to send to best info we can to them. Make the UK proud!

Step 6. In a new tab, head to the UK’s top 200 websites list
NSFW websites are marked in red. Please use your brain and don’t open those around people who should not be exposed to them. Mixed it up a little so we’re not all testing just the first ten. Test your personal favourites not on the list too.

Step 7. Test. Test. Test!
Test in Firefox. Test in another browser. If every browser behaves the same then this is not the type of bug we’re seeking. I opened Chromium the other day and lived to tell the tale. Don’t panic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Step 8. Report your test
If there were no observed bugs, you’re done. You’ll be added to the leaderboard. The leaderboard winner will be getting a T-Shirt. Will it be you? Now go back to the list in step 6 and keep on testing.

If you came across an issue

Step 9. Report a bug
Remember we don’t want to make the WebCompat team cry. Make sure it’s really a compatibility issue and test in a number of browsers. Think quality, not quantity. Report your test back in step 8, and add in your WebCompat bug report url. Now go back to the list in step 6 and keep on testing.

Feel free to test your favourite websites that are not in the spreadsheet. The more the merrier.

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