Firefox reopens closed tabs

I just switched from Chrome to Firefox and the Android app is driving me crazy, is this the intended behavior or is something wrong? I’ve searched the web but not found anything similar to what I’m experiencing.

  • Clicking on the home button and then on the tabs button, the tabs show the page I was previously on and not the home page. Also clicking on the home button and leaving Firefox returns to the previous website when I open Firefox again.

  • Closing a tab and Firefox, and then opening Firefox again reopens any tabs I just closed. This happens regardless of how much time is elapsed between closing and opening the app again.

  • Closing a tab and opening a new one to browse a different page often leads to another tab opening in the background with the old tab.

I have turned off the auto close tabs option and the move old tabs to inactive option. Obviously I want tabs and pages that I intentionally close to stay closed forever.