Firefox Repetitive Crashing

Rather suddenly Firefox (122.0 (64 bit); for Linux Mint mint-001 - 1.0) displays ‘Mozilla Crash Report’. Firefox appears to open without incident, but when requested to display (e.g., Facebook, Youtube, web page), Firefox immediately displays the crash report.

  • Software update did not correct the behavior,
  • Firefox appears to function normally in ‘Troubleshoot Mode’, likely pointing to an extension, theme, or hardware acceleration.
  • Hardware acceleration is ‘off’, and there are no extensions or themes (other than default) enabled. Crashes continue.
  • Attempted to ‘Refresh’ Firefox, and Firefox displays the crash report.
  • Anyone else experiencing this behavior? Any suggestions?

Have reviewed " Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems". Still unable to determine the problem.


This forum is not the right place to ask troubleshooting questions. If you have a problem with Firefox that you need help with, please ask your question on the Firefox support forum You can also ask for help on our Matrix Chat.