Firefox scores Low Tier - Poor Privacy in Spyware Comparison between web browsers

I’ve been using Firefox for a long time and I’ve also been recommending it as the privacy secure and super fast free software browser. However I’ve recently seen a privacy comparison that puts it in the low tier (alongside Brave)

This is quite disappointing. I’m wandering if things are in deed that bad? If so are there plans to combat this?

I’d really hate to look for alternatives …

I think this article is poorly informed.

Mozilla has made online privacy a mainstream thing. That is huge. Mozilla is a privacy organization, it’s not a no-data organization.

Telemetry tells Mozilla if the new css/rendering engine is slower or not than the old one. It also says if new privacy features cause more errors or not. They can’t ship containers, data partitioning, TLS1.3, http3, enhanced tracking protection, first party isolation and so on.

Studies are used by Mozilla to run a feature to 1% or users. If it works well, it’s being increased to 5% and so on. It’s how Mozilla learns.

All of your data like bookmarks, history, passwords etc are e2e encrypted. Mozilla stores them but never sees them.

Privacy is not an end, it’s a means to an end. In a world without privacy we get tracked, manipulated and influenced. None of the data Mozilla collects can be used to manipulate and influence users. Mozilla is one of the most vocal pro privacy organizations.

Ok that’s good news :+1:

Maybe someone official should send a rebuttal to the guys that did the comparison. It’s unfair for Mozilla to be getting a bad rap when it’s spearheading privacy on the web …