Firefox showing it's bad coding

Firefox has randomly stopped working. No matter what you do, pour gas on the computer, buy a new one, install Firefox, it will not open.

I cleared the appdata, program files and any trace behind after uninstalling it and as soon as the install is done, you cannot open firefox. (not looking good for this app, about to head back to Chrome at this rate)

Never in my years have I ever seen an app behave like this to the point the windows OS has no clue what you installed.

And worst it just says “windows cannot find c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe”


I’m not reformatting a clean OS just to get this software to work when it randomly just goes off and stops working. Whatever update you did last just junked this app to point of no return

WTF devs ?

Does the file it can’t find exist? Is there a c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe ?

As an experiment, try to find firefox.exe and run it.