Firefox Slow Loading Multiple Tabs

I’ve come over from Brave browser because I am a photographer and Brave doesn’t seem to be colour managed, whereas Firefox displays the correct colours from my Lightroom image library and on my website.

Anyway, part of my workflow is using TweetDeck and opening multiple twitter tabs from TweetDeck.

When using Brave, TweetDeck loads smoothly when scrolling down, and all new Twitter tabs load immediately, even if I open approx 30 of them.

However, when using Firefox, TweetDeck loads slowly when opening aand scrolling down, and multiple Twitter tabs take ages to load after opening just 4 or 5 tabs.

I have tested this issue in Edge and Chrome. They both have the same issue as Firefox.

Only Brave runs with load free performance.

I have check and unchecked the performance settings in Firefox and also removed all ad blockers, but I cannot seem to get it to run smoothly. I have turned off my antivirus software, BitDefender, but it doesn’t make a difference.

I am running a pretty powerful PC with 64gb ram, so I don’t think that is the problem.

please report