Firefox Suggest on by default

Firefox Version 93.0 added Firefox Suggest to its toolbar with all its settings turned on by default in the USA.
What happened to Mozilla’s private practices and why it allows itself to gather users’ keystrokes on its search task bar and their location - by default?
This is a slippery slope that Firefox is taking, and i think it is just the start of silent and sneaky information gathering.

@ghayth_h - Sorry for the delayed response. This feature is indeed applied only for US users, and MLS is probably used to determine if you are in the US. I’m not sure if there is a better topic to post this in - maybe Firefox development?

Please see the help article Navigate the Web faster with Firefox Suggest for more information about Firefox Suggest, what is planned in the future, and how to disable it. You may also be interested in the linked blog post Data and Firefox Suggest for more information about the data flows.

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